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Zombie Camels Race Team
Some ride. Some race. All fun.

If you like to race, join as a full member and get free Race Day Support for the entire Chain Buster Racing season.

You are free to race under the Zombie Camels Race Team name or under your own name but make sure to use our race day facilities to perform your best on race day.

For only the cost of our regular membership, less than one race entry fee, you get an entire season of support.


2019 Racers

Art Chang
Art "Doc Quick" Chang

He'll turn your plan of keeping up with him into a triage statistic.

James Evans
James "50 Cal" Evans

Damn, Damn, Damn. We hear it as he jives around slow racers.

Kelli Gwin
Kelly "KDogg" Gwin

Stacks on deck. Patron on ice. Cramps your leg & you cry all night.

John Jovanovic
"Being" John Jovanovic

Gets in your head like a puppeteer & shoves you out of his way.

David Kernaghan
Dave "Haste" Kernaghan

This man won't wait for anybody or anything. Give him a podium now!

Kenneth King
Ken "Kenny J" King

Plays it smooth & flowy just like Kenny G but with much better hair.

Marika King
Marika "Rikes" King

She will help you spell D-E-F-E-A-T with correct pronunciation.

Teri Latimer
Teri "Fresh" Latimer

After your spank, she'll baby wipe the dirt she kicked on your face.

Alex Markelov
Alex "White Russian" Markelov

This Dude doesn't abide, obviously not a golfer & must break you.

Brad Martin
Brad "BABS" Martin

Flow trails bore him. Give this man a 30+ mile summit or he will yawn.

Lara Richards
Lara "LJ Loco" Richards

Know that gut feel when you get dropped? Now you know her name.

Mike Richards
Mike "Stinky Pinky" Richards

The OG Zombie Camels. Master of local trails, fire, Jeeps & brews.

Adam Schaefer
Adam "Shadow" Schaefer

Stealth & quiet until you hear the "on your left" command.

Dale Settles
Dale "I'm 50" Settles

Cruisin' for a bruisin'? This man can kick, stretch & kick!

Dakota Stark
Dakota "Moto" Stark

Seems to use a dirt bike to holeshot past leg powered squids.

Jason Weiland
Jason "Ponce" Weiland

On a voyage to colonize every race & settle on top of the podium.

Gary Wright
Gary "The Gary" Wright

A race strategist that'll PowerPoint the reason he left you in the dust.

Alex Neely
Alex "Papa-Ratzi" Neely

Race photographer to us, War Correspondent to our competitors.

Marshall Painter
Marshall "Diesel" Painter

Bearded Race Pit master managing tent like a fine FEMA trailer.

Ef Rios
Ef "Bad Hombre" Rios

Race Pit invisible spirit that floats around the beverage cooler.

Zombie Camels Race Team Jersey
We style rocking the trails.

The designed is inspired by our trail riding attitude; we are a social MTB club that never limits how little or far you want to get into the sport. Ride with a race jersey, t-shirt, or even with no shirt but just go out and enjoy the trails with us.





Race Day Support

Race Day Support
- Racing the Chain Buster Racing series for any race team? Full members get free race day support.

Private changing tent
- Change from/to race clothes in comfort.

Personal Race Pit Master
- Keeping your hydration needs ready.

Team bike rack
- No more bikes on the ground.

Hydration / Nutrition
- We always have fuel in our tent area.

Beverage coolers
- Keep your drinks cold until you need them.

Mechanical help
- If something goes wrong, you have a group of folks that can help you out.

Group support
- Racing feels harder when you are on your own.

Rowdy cheering crew
- Nothing better than folks cheering you on every time you turn a lap.

Free sponsor swag
- Our sponsors love giving you free stuff.

Race team bio
- We will add your bio to our race team page. Heck, we will even give you nickname.